German Cockroach

German Cockroaches

Females produce an egg capsule (called an ootheca) that is attached to the end of the abdomen for up to a month before being dropped. Each egg capsule contains 30 to 40 eggs which hatch in 2 to 4 days after being deposited. Nymphs hatching from eggs are less than 1/8 inch long and vary in size as they mature.

Nymphs develop through 6 to 7 stages (instars) over 74 to 85 days (depending on certain variables). There may be up to four generations per year. An adult roach can live almost a month without food and about two weeks without water. Each German cockroach can live about 100-200 days.

Heavy infestations pose a risk from inhalant allergens. German roaches have been implicated as potential mechanical vectors of microbial pathogens and diseases to humans and animals.


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